Upcoming Tours - Lance Gines

Into the Horizon Tours-2019

Best of Idaho Single Track June 16th – June 21st Cost: ($600) SOLD OUT

Best of Idaho Backcountry July 17th-July 21st Cost: ($2000) SOLD OUT

GS Giants Gypsy Tour July 31st-August 7th Cost: Free

(This tour includes the majority of Utah and Colorado BDRs, leading to and from the GS Giants Rally in Dolores, Colorado.)

Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route Tour September 7th – September 15th Cost: $2000

Elephant Moto Colombia Tour October 1st-October 10th Cost: $4400-$4600

Baja Adventure Tour October 31st-November 9th Cost: $3500

Please contact Lance for details on tours.

(208) 921-6845,