Into the Horizon Tours-2021

Best of Colombia TBD

Best Of Idaho Backcountry July 12th - 16th (Cost $1,500)

The Best of Idaho is just what the title says, the very best paved and dirt roads that Idaho has to offer. The route varies from year to year because there really is just that much to see here in the Gem State. This is our most luxurious tour we offer in Idaho with four nights in hotels, cabins or lodges and two meals a day at the best café and restaurants the route has to offer. There is about a 60/40 mix of pavement and dirt roads with moderate mileage each day, allowing for plenty of time to get to know the new friends you will make on this tour.

The 2021 tour will have stops in Riggins, Lochsa Lodge, Wallace, and Orofino.

The Best of the Backcountry II July 23-29 (Cost $1,500)

The Best of the Backcountry II explores our favorite routes of the Northern Navajo Nation, Southern Utah, and Southwest Colorado. We take you along as we explore the best hardcore off road these areas have to offer. Two nights of lodging at our basecamp, one night at 3 Step Hideaway and the rest of the time backcountry camping.

*Trip is limited to high intermediate to advanced riders on adventure bikes.

*Trip is limited to 8 riders. 

Idaho BDR August 7th - 15th (Cost $1,500)

Our seven day Idaho BDR tour starts in Boise vs Jarbidge NV. By the time we can get through the high mountain passes of Central Idaho section one it just too hot and dusty to make it worth the time. Instead we hit dirt just 20 minutes outside of Boise on Blacks Creek Road and follow that up along the South Fork of the Boise River to Prairie and then pick up the BDR at Trinity Mountain. We may be a little partial but we think the Idaho BDR is the most scenic and most enjoyable BDR for riders of all levels. We will be camping every night on this tour and making one or two café stops each day. All camping fees and café meals are covered in your tour fee. 

Ultimate IdahoTour September 11th-18th (Cost $1,500)

On this seven day tour, we will be riding all of the best dirt roads in the entire state of Idaho(connecting by pavement when necessary.) and will be visiting historic mining towns as well as Indian homelands and hunting trails. We will be partaking in all of the diversity that is Idaho, from the high mountains to the low desert !

Best of Baja tour November 5-13 (Cost $3,000 w/personal bike, $4,500 w/rental)

On this 9 day tour, we will meet begin our ride in SanDiego on Thursday the 4th and return midday the 13th. We will ride approximately 2500 miles of mixed pavement and dirt roads while visiting some of the most iconic areas of Baja. All hotels including both nights in SanDiego, as well as several dinners included. 

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